Textures from Ista Magazine Volume 21. Miami Wynwood. Photos by Toketsu Hara

Textures from Ista Magazine Volume 21. Miami Wynwood. Photos by Toketsu Hara

Textures from Ista Magazine Volume 21. Miami Wynwood. Photos by Toketsu Hara

Textures from Ista Magazine Volume 21. Miami Wynwood. Photos by Toketsu Hara

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Thanks to all that participated and attended the Ista Culture Seminar during Art BAsel at Product 81 in Wynwood. Stay tuned for more Ista events and projects as we start off 2012....

La Mano Fria & Team Panza present

Ista Culture Seminar

Saturday December 3


Product 81 2311 NW 2nd Ave Wynwood Arts District Miami

Ista Culture Seminar is a gathering of professionals in the local communities to harness the recent cultural growth found here in South Florida. This edition of the Seminar will concentrate on the Art Basel period combined with elements of Miami’s past, present and future and how it connects with our community, once Art Basel has ended. Ask questions and hear from true culture designers and pioneers, native to South Florida. This is not an ordinary lecture format, with our open wifi interactive environment, you’ll need to bring your laptop and smart phones to access some parts of the presentation as well as the some of the guest speakers. Ista Culture Seminar will be a 4 hour / 4 guest speaker format that is free of charge. 1 guest speaker every hour, seats are limited to 40 guest per hour. To attend you must log on to Facebook and make your selection below. Then choose and attend 1 or all the guest speakers you wish to hear. Once your attendance has been confirmed, we will send you a digital program detailing the course seminar.

ISTA Culture Seminar is brought to you by La Mano Fria & Team Panza from Ista Magazine, Product/81 Gallery and South Florida Ford. Fordista movement!

Sign up today (seating limited to 40 per hour):

4pm-5pm presentation | Speakers: Sharon Rolle and Eddie Maye Lovest from the Purvis Young Art Museum (Purvis Young Foundation) | Topic: The life and legacy of Master Miami artist, the late Purvis Young. An American International Master artist from the Overtown neighborhood of Miami, Florida. Purvis Young wanted a Foundation to be created in his name that could contribute toward revitalization of his community and fulfillment of the needs of children in his beloved community, Overtown. Young wanted to contribute to the goodwill of the global community in general.

5pm-6pm presentation | Speakers: Romulo Del Castillo and more to be announced | Topic: Progressions of Electronic Music Culture in Miami. South Florida a rhythmic melting pot of genres of organic sounds as the Caribbean and the rest of Latin America migrated to the north, percussion in the 80's were soon replaced by drum machines. These analog devices soon gave way to computers and the digital age and Miami did not only keep up with the times but bred a small group of underground producers, events and record labels thats would put Miami on the international stage.

6pm-7pm presentation | Speakers: Hec One Love and Pat Simpson and more to be announced | Topic | Origins of Miami Graffiti. As you walk around Miami, especially in Wynwood the craft of writing, or graffiti as known mostly to the public can not be ignored. What does it say or mean? And how does something that originated in NYC attached to Hip Hop culture in the 70's, end up affecting the streets of South Florida.

7pm-8pm presentation | Speakers: nonradioMusic Studio-Lab Projects (NRM Projects) with Sela Vee and producer Richie Jones . Plus special guest old school graffiti writer/photographer, Flint... | Topic: New York City transplants planting seeds in Miami. As far cultural melting pots, go no one can argue the position of NYC in America. As the boom of underground NYC culture spread in the 70's and 80's, many New Yorkers landed in South Florida, bringing with them food, fashion, club music and Hip Hop culture among other things. As Brooklyn natives such as Erni Vales (EVL world) or our speaker, nonradioMusic Studio-Lab Projects, make their homes now in Miami, what lies ahead for 2012.

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